Job Offer Accepted!

Posted by lukeymac on August 26, 2017

I have some exciting news!

Last night, I officially accepted a job offer from Bold Penguin, a tech startup based in Columbus, OH! The team at Bold Penguin is building an online platform designed to help insurance agents and carriers find and write more commercial insurance. By automating the costly parts of the underwriting process and creating a more streamlined experience for all parties, they are allowing the agents to focus on what’s most important; connecting. I am thrilled and grateful to become a part of this passionate and growing team of entrepreneurs.

I can’t thank the Flatiron School enough for giving me the skills and guidance to land this position. I haven’t even finished the program yet and I’ve already embarked on a new and exciting career in software development. To those of you still in the program, keep it up! This opportunity has proven to me without a shadow of doubt that the Flatiron School has built a remarkable program. I wish you all the absolute best in your journey to become developers. This is just the beginning!

I’ll be posting soon about my final React project. Stay tuned if you’d like to read about my experience with the framework or if you just like seeing me ramble on!

Best wishes and happy coding.